Welcome To Pinna

Pinna is a HTML5, CSS3 Responsive template and coded with Google's new Accelerated Mobile Pages project which is the most efficent way for mobile environments.


Things You'll Love

Speed is Key

None other mobile template is faster than the Pinna. Test with your mobile connection!

Battery Efficent

Pinna will never drain your customers battery like other mobile templates.

Never Loose Customers

Pinna will deliver content to your customers so fast. Your customers won't bounce anymore!

Smooth Experience

Even old phones will run Pinna smoothly because of the AMP and you will profit more!

SEO Optimized

Search engines will love your site because the template is so light and UX friendly.

Structured Data

Give search engines more advanced data to show them on their search list.


Posts Carousel

Here's a cool carousel example with Pinna. AMP is not allowing you to use custom javascript but this doesn't mean you can't create rich web pages.

Gallery Grid

Lightbox Enabled

We took some part of Bootstrap's grid code and optimized it into Pinna. This way you can create responsive grids. Images supporting lightbox feature and caption within them.


Smart Loading

Many video content providers are supported by AMP. Here's a Vimeo example. Important thing about this feature is video will not load and slow down loading of the page, only When user may see.

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